A.R.Z. Chemicals


A.R.Z is active in the intermediate business on an international level.

A.R.Z is mainly active via its local offices (Hungary, Slovak Republic, Vietnam, Israel, China, Taiwan and Thailand) A.R.Z is active through its offices in various territories including- Central EU, South East Asia, China, Israel and UAE.

A.R.Z mainly represents manufacturers of intermediates from India and China that can ensure cost efficient products with regulatory support for key starting materials and if required also support of FDA/EU approved facilities.

A.R.Z has the ability to promote intermediates to most of the customers manufacturing generic API’s for the regulated markets (EU and USA), whether these customers are in EU or China

A.R.Z’s expertise isn’t merely promoting and sourcing intermediates but providing project management services by supplying a full API technology package with intermediates, analytical methods, patent solutions and regulatory support

A.R.Z has an established network of laboratories and factories that can provide custom development and manufacturing (CDMO/CMO) for a variety of Intermediates ranging from large Intermediates to niche complex small-scale Intermediates. These services can support API producers, Intermediate producers, and Agrochemical producers.

A.R.Z offers other services that involve production solutions in different countries worldwide in order to bypass and solve patent, environment or capacity limitations.

If you are seeking any specific or difficult Intermediates, we probably have a source or solution for you.