A.R.Z. Chemicals

A pile of pills in different colors that reflects our line of busniess


A.R.Z is active in the Formulations and Dossier business on an international level.
A.R.Z is mainly active via its local offices (Hungary, Slovak Republic, Vietnam, Israel, China, Taiwan and Thailand) A.R.Z is active through its offices in various territories including- Central EU, South East Asia, China, Israel and UAE.
A.R.Z deals with formulation producers from the EU that are only local or regional players, as well as leading Asian producers that can adhere with EU regulatory markets.

A.R.Z developed in recent years its own in license portfolio of formulation and is seeking to increase this portfolio. A.R.Z is active with registration and distribution of formulations together with its local partners mainly in China, Vietnam, Singapore, Taiwan, New Zealand, Slovakia, Czech Republic, and Hungary.


A.R.Z traditionally promoted formulations on agency basis based on its expertise with many different dossiers. This expertise ensures fast location of the suitable product and source, while saving money and valuable time.

If you are a Formulations player, we probably have a source or marketing solution for you.