A.R.Z. Chemicals

A.R.Z China

The Chinese activity is managed via A.R.Z Greensyn (Hong Kong) Co. Ltd that is a partnership company with Mr Xiaobing Yu of Guangzhou Greensyn group.

The activity of the Chinese office is divided into 3 main business divisions:

Import and distribution:
A.R.Z/Greensyn promotes and distributes imported APIs and Intermediates and is in contact with all the leading players in the market.
A.R.Z/Greensyn is considered the most advanced agency and distributor of imported API’s in China based on the following achievement and capabilities:
• More than 200 active customers.
• More than 200 APIs in the portfolio.
• More than 120 DMF filed.
• 5 regional sales offices in China.

Export department:
A.R.Z/Greensyn Sources API’s, Intermediates and Formulations from various Chinese sources since 2003
A.R.Z/Greensyn Markets and promotes Chinese API’s, Intermediates and Formulations via A.R.Z offices worldwide.

Formulations/Business development:
A.R.Z/Greensyn in licenses, registers and distributes Formulations, while focusing on complex formulations, unique generic and branded products.
A.R.Z/Greensyn in licenses formulation technology and tech transfers production to local facilities in China while supporting registration and clinical studies in China.
As one of the most advanced API’s agents and distributors in China, A.R.Z/Greensyn has excellent experience and knowledge of the pharmaceutical market in China and of the Chinese formulation opportunities and needs.

A.R.Z/Greensyn business in China is supported by all administrative and logistic operation, including the following vital operation:
1. GSP License- that allows to import, warehouse, and distribute pharmaceutical products.
2. Regulatory departments- one of the most experienced teams in China for filing and maintaining Chinese pharmaceutical registrations for API’s and also formulations.
3. Import/Export department- over 15 years’ experience with import and export of pharmaceutical and chemical products.
4. Warehouse- Pharmaceutical warehouse audited by local health authorities.

  • Rm 602-604, District D, Technology Innovation Base, Guangzhou Science City, Guangzhou 510663, P.R.China
  • +86-20-32068515