A.R.Z. Chemicals


A.R.Z was established in 1995 by Mr. Chaim Zalmanovitz who has been active in the pharmaceutical industry since the early 1970’s.
Mr. Zalmanovitz worked for the Teva group in Israel for 25 years. In his last position Mr. Zalmanovitz was the purchase manager for the Teva group in Israel.

A.R.Z is deeply involved in the world-wide generic pharmaceutical industry in the following segments of intermediates, API’s and Formulations, by:

Sourcing and in licensing

Promotion and marketing

Registration of API's and Formulations

Importation, storage and distribution of APIs and and Formulations (selected territories)

A.R.Z has developed fast since 1995, from an agency dealing with API’s to an international organization, nowadays dealing with the three segments of the generic pharmaceutical industry- Intermediates, API’s and Formulations

A.R.Z includes the following offices: