A.R.Z is active in the intermediate business on an international level.  
A.R.Z is mainly active via its local offices (Israel, Hungary, Slovak (Czech) RepublicVietnam, China, Taiwan and Turkey) In addition it is also sourcing for customers and promoting products across EU, the US and in India.
A.R.Z mainly represents manufacturers of intermediates from India and China that can ensure cost efficient products with acceptable quality.
A.R.Z has the ability to promote intermediates to most of the major customers manufacturing generic API's for the regulated markets (EU and USA), whether these customers are in India, EU or US.
A.R.Z's expertise isn't merely promoting and sourcing intermediates but providing project management services by supplying a full API technology package with intermediates, analytical methods and patent solutions.

A.R.Z is also involved in a lab in China, as part of our project management services. This lab has the ability to develop certain niche intermediates and API's that are not common in the market and also to provide technical solutions. The processes developed in this lab support our sources and customers and can be transferred upon request to local GMP (FDA/EU) factories with the guidance of our lab and of course under strict confidentially.